How long can I use the product?
The product can withstand up to 20kg through experimentation. So that can be used until baby is 28months.
What is the product material?
The product is made with fabric components cotton 33%, polyester 62%, spandex 5%. Ensures elasticity,stretchness and resilience of the product.With this special components of fabric ensures softness of the fabric, but also safety.
I see the strap in the photo. What is it? Is it also included in the product set ?
It is waist band included in the set of product. When you are moving a lot or make big motions, always need to wear waist band to hold your baby tight and safely. Also wearing waist band reduces weight on the waist.
My baby is newborn. Can I use the product?
Yes, the product can be used for newborn baby. Cover up whole baby's body(Including legs) with the product like photo below.
My baby can not hold it's own neck. Can I use the product?
Yes, the product can be used for baby who can not support it's own neck. Put baby's head inside of the fabric to support baby's neck like photo below.
Is the product safe for baby's spine?
EmBé Sling has proven to helps baby's bone growing. Elasticity of fabric will support baby's spine grow in right position.
How can I choose the right size?
You can check your size with size chart below. When you checking size by yourself please follow below instruction. (And if you find you are in between size, please choose smaller one.) Weight : Your weight + Baby's weight Height : Your height
Why the product has so many sizes?
Becuase EmBé Sling want to make perfect sling which won't bother baby's sleep. So EmBé Sling don't use buckles, velcros to adjust size. This is the reaons our product has 6 sizes to fit variety of people.
Why the size needs to be with my baby's weight? When the product can be used baby until 28months?
Because some customers buy when their baby is newborn, and the others buy when their baby is 20 months. You know, how baby's weight can be different. But when you start using product with right size, as baby's is getting bigger, fabric will stretch to fit baby's grown size.
Can I use the product with other person?
If the person you want to use together is same size with you, you can. Using wrong size makes both wearer and baby uncomfortable, and not safe.
How long does it takes to delivery?
Our normal delivery takes below timelines.
HCM : 1~2 days.
Others : 3~6 days.
(If you have special request for delivery, please kindly consulting with shop first)
How much is the shipping fee?
We provide free shipping service anywhere in Vietnam.
If size does not fit, can I exchange?
Yes, shop provide 1-time free exchange.So please don't worry, and send message to us.
How can I exchange?
Please kindly contact us on messenger or e-mail. We will contact to you in 1-working day.In order to exchange the product, you must have full-package of product.
How can I pay for the product?
You can choose COD / Bank transfer / OnePay / MoMo on the payment page.
I transfered payment. Where can I check it?
Normally it would be confirmed within 1 office day. If you want to check it earlier, please kindly contact to us via messenger or send us an email.
Request to exchange product: After 7 days of using the product
Shop can only exchange sizes for customers but no exchanging colors. Please select colors carefully before choosing to buy the product. Please do not wash or cut the label of the product before returning or exchanging with shop. Customers can try on before exchanging. Shop will exchange 1-1 for the first time of buying the product. (If customers have cut the label of the product away then Shop will not exchange the new size)
**** Note: If customers want to exchange the size but no longer keep the full package of the product when ship back to shop, shop will only exchange for sizes without adding any other accessories accompanying with the product like the first time customers have ordered.
How many positons available?
There are 3 positions available. Newborn position, face-in position and face-out position.
How can I do Newborn position?
Newborn positioin which covers up whole baby's body(including legs) with the product. Please kindly follow below instructoins. (Recommend to baby under 1 month)
How can I do Face-in position?
Face-in position is most comfortable position for baby.Please kindly follow below instructions. (Recommend to baby after 1 month)
How can I do Face-out position?
We recommend to try this position after you and your baby get used to using the product. And always make sure you are spread fabric enough to cover baby's thigh. Othewise, it will make baby uncomfortable.Please kindly follow below instruction. (Recommend to baby after 6 month)
Can I hold my baby on my back?
This product is not for usage of holding baby on the back.
Can I use the product while driving car?
We do not recommend driving while using the product. This is not a safety equipment. (e.g. Safety Belt etc..) Please use the product when you seat back only. Never driving with our product.
Can I use the product whlie driving motorcycle?
We do not recommend riding the motorbike while using the product. This is not a safely equipment. (e.g. Safety Belt etc..) Never riding with our product.
How can I wash the product?
Please kindly check our washing insturctions below.
Request a refund when exchanging products
  1. Shop will refund 80% - VND 792,000 excluding 90K shipping fees if customers still keep the full set of products including: (1 carrier + 1 waist band + 1 bag + 1 Instruction book + also box.)
    *** Note: A fee of 90K is a fee for customers who try on the product but do not want to buy and want to refund.
  2. Shop will refund 60% - 594,000 VND for customers if you are not satisfied with the product and due to your own personal purposes, you cannot use the our Sling products. In addition, if the return products to shop are not combined with all the full set as the original package when Shop shipped for you which included (1 carrier + 1 waist band + 1 carrying bag + 1 instruction book + also box.) then shop will only refund you 70%.
  3. Shop will refund 50% - 645,000 VND. If the product has been cut off the label and washed already.
  4. Shop will NOT REFUND under any circumstances if the product has been damaged or 1 of the 2 product (Sling/ Waist Band) accessories was lost during customer trial.
Please read the Refund Exchange Regulations carefully before you want to exchange or refund with our products. Thank you for all your support in buying EmBe Sling products