Product lines of EmBé Sling


EmBé Sling currently has two types of baby carriers, BASIC and FLEX. Each line has its own characteristics. This article aims to help customers better understand the product lines as well as help parents choose the right line for their needs.






1. Design

The front of both the Basic and Flex series will have the same design, the FLex will have adjustable rear suspension straps so that parents can freely adjust to fit them best.

2. Quality

Both lines have absorbent, airy fabric suitable for the weather of Vietnam. The fabric of both lines will stretch as the baby grows.

3. You are still concerned?

If parents are still wondering, please do not hesitate to contact us by: inbox via Facebook fanpage or immediately call the hotline number: 0778907909

We are always ready to answer your questions about the EmBé Sling product.

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