1. What is QCVN?

Technical regulation is a regulation of Vietnam on the limits of technical characteristics and management requirements that products, goods, services, processes, the environment and other objects in socio-economic activities must meet. compliance to ensure safety, hygiene and human health; protection of animals, plants and the environment; protect national interests and security, consumer interests and other essential requirements. Regulations on the limits of technical characteristics and the requirements that the subjects must comply with.

2. QCVN Certificate of EmBé Sling

From the very beginning, EmBé Sling's principle has always been to bring the highest quality products to customers. We dont buy mass-produced fabrics; all the fabrics used are directly produced in its own factory. All of our product are manufactured and monitored in a rigorous technical process. Fabric materials are carefully selected to ensure the safety of both parents and babies, ensuring the ingredients are safe and the melanin content does not exceed the regulations.

The certificate was issued on June 25, 2021